Although Coaching Genie's main purpose is to organize your content, deliver your programs, and managing your clients and groups, there are several reasons why using this platform will help you with marketing:

1. Coaching Genie makes your program more valuable because of the fully immersive experience it creates for clients, including client journals, weekly check-ins, group contests, collaboration groups, discussion forum, and much more. So it helps you market and sell your program with more ease, speak about it with confidence, and even charge more.

2. You can allow potential clients preview your coaching program by either sharing a few modules with them OR giving them access to a "test client" account so they can look around and experience what it'll feel like to go through the program.

3. You can use Coaching Genie to gather testimonials and proof of success. By using journals, weekly check-ins, and assessment forms, you will have all the information you need to show that your program works and that clients experience growth and transformation.

These are just some of the ways Coaching Genie helps you market your coaching programs.