Coaches Console is a practice management solution and a comprehensive CRM and coaching business back-end software, which includes list-building, payment taking, course building, coaching session tracking, calendar, and anything else required to run your coaching practice. 

Coaching Genie is more specialized - it's a coaching platform that allows you to create and deliver group programs, mastermind groups, evergreen courses, coaching clubs, membership-based coaching programs (rolling enrollment), and e-coaching programs. 

Coaching Genie is reportedly a lot easier to use according to our customers and has a 20-minute learning curve.

Here's a side-by-side software comparison for more details. 

What exactly is the purpose of Coaching Genie?

To set up, organize, and deliver coaching programs in one place, including content, email reminders, call replays, client journals, homework submission, weekly check-ins, accountability, and group interaction.

What software does Coaching Genie replace?  


There is really no platform out there that allows you to manage your group coaching programs. Most people just "piecemeal" different solutions together and do many of the tasks manually. Coaching Genie allows you to automate and streamline many of the things required to set up, deliver, and manage your group programs. It gives you a combination of:

  • Course builder (for building your programs and courses) 
  • Group management (for communicating with your clients) 
  • Accountability system (for keeping your group members engaged) 
  • Members area software (for protecting your content and allowing members to interact) 
  • Email automation (for scheduling live call reminders, module delivery, replay delivery, etc.)
  • Form builder (you can create self-assessment, intake forms, and multiple choice quizzes)
  • Payment processing (we connect to Stripe)

Coaching Genie does not replace a CRM, list-building, website builder (although it does have a simple sale page builder), or sales and marketing software. It allows you to organize, set up, and deliver your coaching programs and content to your clients.

Here's a side-by-side software comparison for more details.