To create a group for a 1-on-1 client:

Step 1. Click on Create a New Group:

Step 2. Use your client's name as the group name (e.g. "Jane Doe")

Step 3. Copy the link to the group using the "copy link" button and create a client invitation link:

Step 4. Send the link to your private client and tell him or her to create a new account to be able to instantly access the client portal.

Step 5 When you are ready, select and slide desired modules from the "Available Modules" column, to the "Chosen Modules" column. Click "Save" when finished.

Step 6 Click on the Module release schedule for that group and enter the dates you want your client to receive those modules. Unless the dates are entered, your client will not have access to that content.


**Note: When you add a new module for your client and save the customized content, the release dates are deleted. Update the dates by going to the Module release schedule and clicking "Today" for every module to make sure your client has access to all the modules.