We do not have an "Enterprise" edition right now. However, there are several workarounds:

1. You can get multiple accounts (we can create a custom plan for your business).

2. Multiple coaches can be logged into an account at the same time. If they are commenting on a check-in or journal entry they can identify themselves using the word "coach", e.g. "Coach John"

3. Your coaches would have to sign up as clients and they'll be able to interact with their own group members just like a coach. The only things they won't have control over are:

  • Editing content (modules, programs, replays)
  • Read private journal entries (clients must mark their journal entries public)

Otherwise, your coaches can read weekly check-ins, comment on what clients are writing, and access all available content. We recommend that your coaches use the word "coach" in their name (e.g. "Jane the Coach") so clients can easily see the coach in the group.