A course builder allows you to build course content but lacks the features required to run live coaching programs. 

Coaching Genie allows you to build the content for your programs, plus schedule live calls, send replay reminders, monitor your group members’ weekly activity and progress, and much more. 

It actually allows you to manage and deliver LIVE group coaching programs:

  • You can automate live coaching call email reminders
  • You get to track your clients' progress through weekly check-ins
  • Your clients can submit their homework through their client journals
  • You can build any number of programs and groups by re-using existing modules
  • You get to simply duplicate past group programs without having to re-recreate everything
  • And you can automatically send people the call REPLAYS

None of these features are available in any other course builder solution, which is what makes Coaching Genie a specialized solution for live coaching programs.

Everything is designed to maximize results, retention, and re-enrollment.