Once you set up your group and assign a course to it, you'll be able to view and adjust your module release schedule. 

1. To view the module release page, go to 'My Groups', navigate to the group that you want to view the module release schedule page and click 'Module Release' under 'Pages'  as shown below. 

Note: If you see no modules, it's because either you have not assigned a course to the group OR the course you assigned to your group contains no modules yet. Go ahead and assign a course to the group or create the modules and add them to the course. Then they'll show up on the Module Release page.

2. Group Modules -To adjust a module's publish date and time, click on the calendar icon to view and update the date and time. This is the date that the module will be released to all groups members automatically. 


If you update the module after it was released, and want to make sure your members see the new content, click on Send Email to resend the email notification to group members.

Note: The module release dates are based on the schedule that you initially set for your group under settings. To update the modules setting, go to "My Groups" and click on edit. Under the "Modules" tab, you can update the settings as shown below.

How to Customize Modules for Specific Group Members

If you have group members who need additional resources or content (perhaps they're more advanced or just starting out), you can easily customize their program.

See steps below on how to customize content for a specific member of the group:

Step 1: Click on "Add Custom"

Step 2: On the popup modal, choose the group member you want to assign custom modules and click 'customize'

Step 3: Slide the modules that you want from left to right and press "Save".

Step 4: You can view the group member's custom modules on the modules release page under "Custom Modules Release" tab:

Note: Every group member with customized modules will have their own schedule.

Step 5: If you need to remove customization, click the Uncustomize icon ("X") next to the member's name. Their content will be restored back to the default (same modules as the rest of the group).

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