To create a new group, login to your Coach account and follow these steps:  

1) Click 'My Groups' and then 'Create New Group':

2) This will open up the group creation wizard with six steps.

Step 1: Group Basics - This is your group's basic settings including the group title, type (live, evergreen or rolling enrolment) and the duration. 

Step 2: The Course - Select the course that you want to deliver through your group. If you have not created a course yet, you have an option to set up a new course at this step. Click on 'Create New Course' button to set up your course or click on 'Next' to skip this step. 

Note: You can always go back and update the course later.

Step 3: The Modules - This is the set up of your modules release schedule including the release date of the first module. You also have an option of choosing whether you want to deliver the modules via email, hide unreleased modules from the list or make the group to be self-paced.

Step 4: The Branding - Upload your own group logo.

Step 5: The Check-ins - You can set up progress questions for your clients to answer each week. This is ideal for accountability and feedback. Make sure to check the box to enable weekly check-ins otherwise these will not be sent to your clients.

 Step 6: Complete - Click on 'Finish' to complete your new group's set up.

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