When you initially assign a course to a group, it automatically creates a module release schedule based on your settings. 

For example, if you choose “Weekly” your modules will be released every week starting with the first date you indicate in your group settings. You might then want to manually change the dates based on the structure and schedule of your group.


However, if you later decide to edit your group (i.e. add new modules, remove modules, re-arrange modules, change the group start date), the module release schedule will reset back to the default schedule you selected.  

To make sure your modules are released on the dates of your choosing, go to the Module Release page after you edit your group or course and click on the calendar icon to update the dates. Be sure to hit “Save” to update the new release dates.

**Note: Changing the group start date to earlier start date will update the module release dates, and make additional modules available to your clients immediately. Be sure to check the module release dates to confirm the modules are released when you want them released.

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