Here are the steps to create and edit a journal entry:

Step 1  Log into your account and click Journal on your Group Dashboard.

Step 2. Click the "Add" button on the Journal Entry page. 

Step 3. On the Journal Editor, add your title and your content. If you are not ready to publish your Journal, you can set it to Draft before clicking Submit

To Edit your Journal Entry: 

Step 1. Click the "Edit" button. 

Step 2 Edit your entry. 

Step 3 Set the visibility to Public or Private, and set the Status to Live to publish your Journal entry.


This is how your published Journal entry will look: 

Step 4. Your Coach and other group members can add comments in the Comment box. But they can only do so if you set the Visibility of your Journal entry to Public

Below is how your entry will look with a comment. To respond, you can type your answer in the Comment box.